Megafenix Reloaded

Megafenix Reloaded 1.5

Remake of the classic Megaphoenix game


  • Recreates all the original atmosphere of the original
  • Great soundtrack


  • Graphics are poor
  • Frequent crashes

Very good

It's the year 1991 and the Soviet Union has ceased to exist, Bosnia-Herzegovina became independent of Yugoslavia, began the Gulf War, and the student Linus Torvalds posted a message on the USENET newsgroup about the new Linux operating system that he had been developing and out of this came Megaphoenix.

Fast forward to Year 2007 and Megafenix Reloaded appears - a remake for free for all those nostalgic about the days gone by. In this remake, Coptron Game Studios have managed to recreate the spirit of the game to perfection, recreating and improving graphics and sound with a pulsating soundtrack by Blue and Black. You can select the control method in the ship selection screen and in the game, push the “1″ or “2″ key to start a one or two simultaneous player game. You have 5 credits to reach the final sector - good luck!

For all those nostalgic for the original Megaphoenix, this is a brilliant and thrilling remake Torvalds would be proud.

From his ashes, the deadliest alien race has returned…and evolved!. You are the last hope of the human race… what are you waiting for?

Travel across ten galactic sectors and take care of the alien birds, pick up the “power ups” to recover energy and improve you weaponry, but beware, not all the items are good.

Megafenix Reloaded


Megafenix Reloaded 1.5

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